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Ayushiya Herbals India – A Herbal Heaven


We are pleased to introduce the company P Veerappa Pillai Traditional pharmaceuticals Salem ,Tamilnadu. We are proud to inform the people that the company which is old and rich in tradition in name itself (Phala -old) is going towards its centenary celebrations .The company has crossed 3 generations.


P veerapp pillai company was started in 1927 by our grandfather herbalist “Cheron mani” venerable P. Veerappa Pillai at Salem district Tamil Nadu

he was a great herbalist,who lived by doing herbal medicine, spiritual education and public services. His service and glory of making herbal medicine spread in and around Salem and the same also spread abroad.


After his demise our father late Dr P.V Balasubramaniyam continued this great herbal service .He held government registered medical degrees in Siddha

,Ayurveda, homeopathy and Unani and operated with the highest standards and regulations. He worked for good selection of herbal remedies he acted as the architect of the company which was started for a high ambition of promoting herbal medicine.


Special features of P. Veerappa Pillai company.

The company works with five different features spirituality ,Music ,Organic food ,Herbs and Publishing spiritual books.

The company works effectively because of benefits of experience and maturity and the purpose of serving people .Customers who have seen our services are very surprised they appreciate us happily.

The company is a pioneer and roll model for other Indian companies.


The company works with 5 different features

(1) spirituality (2) music (3) organic food (4) Herbs(5) publishing spiritual books.

*Spirituality:- we prepare all Pooja materials and things required for Homam(velvi)

*Music:- We teach Devaram Methodically.

*Organic food:- we prepare organic millet powders.

*Herbs:- We distribute herbs

*Publication:-we circulate Thiruvasagam books at lower costs.


In today’s modern age of high speed internet and worldwide communication people can easily get all the information they need through their mobile phone and get to know the benefits of herb.

The interest in using herbal products is increasing nowadays. People are eagerly looking for quality natural herbal .Who is giving such good natural products? No answer for this….


Our P. Veerappa Pillai company fullfills even the smallest need of the people. It aims to serve the people better. Herbal products are sometimes in short supply. Despite various risks like price rise we continue to provide satisfactory service to the people at low cost. Therefore through this message we cordially invite the public to contact our company and buy high quality herbal products from us and reap the benefits.




All doctors (Siddha Ayurveda naturopathy Unani ) owners of herbal beauty salons, students who want to study herbalism, vendors selling herbs, herbal import & export ,farmers who want to grow herbs, organic farmers organic stores, vendors who are selling food without poison ,planning consultants for herbal development work people who want to know about herbal health, natural life ,food is medicine we give best guidelines.


People who have purchased Pooja items were benefited from us and they are very happy with its high quality.


We cordially invite all those who perform Pooja and Velvi according to panniruthirumurai. We also invite Vedic teachers, priests who have studied Vedas and also who wanted to sell Pooja products with quality and service ,we also invite the general public for the same.


AYUSH commission of the central government is functioning effectively as directed by our honorable prime minister.  As a mark of expansion and serving the people ,the Indian medical sector is very beneficial to the people. On behalf of our company we sincerely thank you for this .The director of the company also informed that Ayushiya herbal India private limited has been started in 2021 as per government guidelines to provide comprehensive herbal service to the people and meet the growing herbal needs .


We warmly welcome all people to avail our best herbal services. let’s admire nature with the joy!


Ayushiya herbals India Pvt Ltd.,

( Phala Veerappa pillai )

161 / 445 Chinna kadai street., Salem – 636001 .Tamil Nadu India.

Email id : Phone : +91 99940 37121


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